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From idea to prototype and product, we help you get there.


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We work under strict NDA rules, always being part of your strategy.


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A team of technology specialists that will allow faster and bolder moves.

About Beyond Humans

Having experience as previous Start-up founders, we found that for most of todays projects, an IT Team was mandatory. This leaves a lot of great ideas between a rock and a hard place, were they need to choose to wait and possibly lost the opportunity or to expend a huge amount of resources building an internal team.

The solution was clear for us, but not easy to step up, as we choose to maintain a high-level of secrecy on our customers requirements and solutions. Keeping us in a position were we can´t show a track record of previous projects.

We created Beyond Humans to be part of the challenge, based on our will and desire to have an impact on future companies. We share the ride with all kind of companies that defy the status-quo.


Innovative Products Launched


Features Designed and Developed


Lines of Code Crafted


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Our Team,
Your Projects

We work as a White-Label firm, closing the details of our work with you with and NDA, and being part of your project from Pitch to Funding.

Solution & Focus Area

Innovative Solutions

We transform ideas into reality, combining creativity with technical expertise.

Tech Excellence

Our approach seamlessly blends coding best practices and user-centric design for outstanding results.

User-Centered Design

We put your users at the heart of our design, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.

Creative Technology

Our solutions are born from a culture of creativity, fueling technological advancements for your success.

The Bolder

A brand-influencer matching app. This solution includes a user-friendly landing page, login functionality, and a seamless registration process.


The Bolder Admin

An admin panel with secure login and user-friendly tools to efficiently manage influencers and brands.


The Bolder Shopify App

An app for Shopify stores, enabling users to showcase up to three videos.



Landing pages dynamically generated with physiotherapy content managed through the Physiocare Admin interface, ensuring up-to-date and user-friendly experiences.


Physiocare Admin

Strapi-based admin interface designed for the creation and management of landing pages on the Physiocare website.


Bet App

A mobile web app designed for endless betting possibilities. This bet app lets users wager on any event or outcome



We take our clients privacy, very seriously, so we don´t share any details on past projects. But we can talk in-depth about the solutions we worked on, and we will be open to show our skills for reassurance.

Experience & Aesthetics

Always working in the balance between User Interface, User Experience and Functionality.

Latest Technologies

We always choose the state of the art in terms of tools, so your solutions are future proof.

Lean & Transparent Process

Our methodologies are based on Agile and Lean, giving you control and visibility, but always moving as fast as possible... and beyond.

Jaclynn Brennan

The beyond human team are highly creative, collaborative, and wonderful to work with. They are diligent on project timelines and Managment, and communication. It’s been a pleasure ideating new technology and findings ways to innovate and dream big.

Francisco Millaurelo

Beyond was the ideal partner to prototype our website. They took care of all the details of the UX and were very professional, delivering a result that exceeded our expectations. Thank you!


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